AC-11 & DNA Repair

AC-11 Uncaria Tomentosa.

What is AC-11?

AC-11® is a natural botanical extract derived from Uncaria Tomentosa that helps repair cellular damage. Clinical studies have shown that AC-11® helps restore the body’s ability to repair DNA, and inhibits future damage to cellular systems. Click here for a list of AC-11 Supplements.

AC-11 Benefits

  • Helps repair damage to DNA.
  • Enhances cellular repair mechanisms.
  • Improves the utility and function of organs, muscles, and tissues throughout the body.
  • Helps to repair UV damage, fade discoloration, and ease fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Supports a healthy response to excess inflammation.
  • Encourage collagen production.
  • Supports the immune system.

The Science of AC-11

AC-11 reduces the adverse effects of aging by promoting and restoring cell function. This natu- ral compound precipitates several different biological reactions to produce significant, observable results. AC-11 works to repair DNA and cell damage from environmental stressors such as the sun and pollution, and inhibits future damage.

Taken internally, AC-11 repairs white blood cells and encourages new cell growth to boost your body’s immune system. By repairing cellular structures, AC-11 effectively improves the utility and function of organs, muscles, and tissues; increases energy and stamina; encourages collagen production; and stimulates hair and nail growth.

This plant-based supplement also produces natural chemicals that positively influence mood and normalize sleep cycles. More energy, a better mood, and thorough, more restful sleep work to build your overall vitality, so you look and feel better, body, mind, and spirit.

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